Jaguars Remember 2023

This Event is for members (plus their family and friends) of It's free to join the forum, and once there just send me a message (MarkFY) and follow the Event Thread.


Sunday 30th September 2023

Following on from the visit to the National Memorial Arboretum last weekend, kindly organised by FlatCap, I decided this is definitely somewhere I'd like to visit again.

Perhaps, the prospect of slightly better weather conditions may also encourage a few more to come along with us as "we remember them".

We will plan to arrive for 10am, allowing the opportunity to freshen up, grab breakfast and refreshments before heading out onto Heroes' Square.

At 10.50am, those that wish to can visit the Chapel for the daily service of Remembrance which culminates with a two-minute silence at 11am.

From there, we will plan the best way for everyone to take it this enormous location.

Whilst September is clearly far away, this serves as a "Save The Date" and allows us to keep track on who wishes to join us as we move into spring and summer.

There is a parking charge, currently £6 (or £4 if pre-booked), for the day. Entry to the site is free, but donations are encouraged. Food and drink in the restaurant is sensibly priced. Charges apply for services such as the land train or other tours. All these details will be looked at during the Summer once we have a clear idea of the numbers joining us.